Tuesday , 13 November 2018

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Private vocal lessons/ Приватні уроки вокалу

Private vocal lessons/ Приватні уроки вокалу

Private vocal lessons/ Приватні уроки вокалу


Приватні уроки вокалу для дітей і дорослих.
Постановка дихання, робота над дикцією і мелізматикою
м. Нью-Вестмінстер
Викладач: Іванна Слупська
Електронна пошта: [email protected]
Тел. 604-754-1254

Private vocal lessons for children and adults.
Overall, will be working on breathing, diction and melismatics
New Westminster
Instructor: Ivanna Slupska
Email: [email protected]
Phone. 604-754-1254


Ivanna has graduated from Lviv Stanislaw Liudkevych State Music College majoring in Jazz Music. Ivanna is a certified vocal instructor, with years of experience working in the biggest performance venues in Ukraine, within the Saint Project show (live vocal) and Mulevich show (live vocal). She has tutored children and adults, and prepared students for their exams. Ivanna is a very talented singer and has recently performed at the Ukrainian-Canadian Community Night, receiving standing ovation.



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