Monday , 17 February 2020

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Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association / Товариство Українських Самостійників

Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association / Товариство Українських Самостійників

The Ukrainian Self- Reliance League (CYC) was founded in Saskatoon in response to an urgent need to establish a strong Ukrainian identity in Canada. The role of the convention has changed from developing identity to maintaining identity. This convention will provide a forum for open discussion and interaction among all members present. The challenges facing us will be discussed in the theme “Together as One”.

USRA/UOMA/TYC Branches across Canada are active service organizations and are having a lot of success. They support and contribute to their Orthodox community, to their Ukrainian community and to the community at large. Our focus, at the moment, is on these successes.

USRA/UOMA/TYC Branches and their members continue to work with all the component and affiliate member organizations in the USRL/CYC family. Their support for our member organizations results in a stronger and more vibrant CYC family.

USRA/TYC is a member organization within the Ukrainian Canadian Congress at the branch, provincial and national levels. Their members support all the UCC initiative and endeavors.
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