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Svitanok Chorus / Хор “Світанок”

Rehearsal are held from September to June at the Ukrainian Catholic Center, 3150 Ash St. in Vancouver, on Sundays starting either at 1 pm or at 6 pm for two hours. For schedule of rehearsals, please contact Ann Kvitka Kozak at [email protected]
New singers/ musicians are always welcomed.

Svitanok Chorus of the Svitanok Performing Arts Society of British Columbia is an officially registered organization in Victoria, BC. The director, Ann Kvitka Kozak founded the mixed chorus in 1989.

Svitanok’s goals are to promote, perform, preserve and teach Ukrainian choral music in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland and the Pacific Northwest. Auditioned singers, 13 years and older, from varying backgrounds, are of Canadian, Ukrainian and Slavic roots. The annual and extensive repertoire consists of folk, contemporary, sacred, historical and semi-classical choral music, including original repertoire from Ukraine, and Ann’s choral arrangements of interesting one part songs.

Email: [email protected]
Фестиваль українських колядок у Ванкувері
Taras Kuziw / Тарас Кузів

Re/Max All Points

101-1020 Austin Ave.
Coquitlam BC, V3K 3P1

Тел: 604-210-2339

Факс: 604-936-0422
е-пошта: [email protected]

Розмовляє українською, російською, англійською мовами.
Тарас Кузів – свіжий ріелтор у Ванкувері, але з солідним досвідом успішного бізнесу в Альберті
Ukrainian Canadian Congress / Конґрес Українців Канади
організація-надбудова, членами якої є українські організації в Канаді

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) is the voice of Canada’s Ukrainian community. The Congress brings together under one umbrella all the national, provincial and local Ukrainian Canadian organizations. Together with its member organizations, the UCC has been leading, coordinating and representing the interests of one of Canada’s largest ethnic communities (1.2 million) for 70 years and instrumental in shaping Canada’s social, economic and political landscape.

Mission Statement
The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) represents the Ukrainian Canadian community before the people and Government of Canada, promotes linkages with Ukraine and identifies and addresses the needs of the Ukrainian community in Canada to ensure its continued existence and development for the enhancement of Canada’s socio-cultural fabric.

Vision Statement
The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) strives to be a proactive, national, united and self-sustaining body that provides a high standard of leadership in developing the destiny of Ukrainian Canadians.

Email: [email protected]
Український бум в Торонто, або КУК - XXIV
Ukrainian Canadian Social Services /Українська Суспільна Служба

тел. 604 477 0171
email: [email protected]

- To promote the interests and advance the welfare in general of Ukrainian communities in Canada by engaging in charitable activities
- To provide social support services to individuals and families in need, and particularly to seniors and new immigrants
- To provide financial assistance to needy persons
- To work together with other Ukrainian charitable organizations, as well as government and other community agencies, in delivering aid programs
- To assess the needs of Ukrainian communities in Canada and initiate programs to respond to the identified social issues and needs
- To encourage and promote volunteerism in the community
- To encourage and promote education in the field of social work and related disciplines.
Поміч Україні – долучайтесь, приходьте на чергове засідання Суспільної Служби
Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League / Ліґа Українських Католицьких Жінок

Vancouver: тел. 604-2637915
New Westminster: тел. 604-5246585

The Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada, in its ongoing commitment to the mission of the Church, is dedicated to providing the resources that allow its members to realize their own true vocation, and live an authentic Christian life as contributing members to the Church and society.

The fundamental aims of the UCWLC are aimed at:
- Catholic faith: to develop and enrich the religious and spiritual life of each member and each parish, thereby strengthening the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada.
- Ukrainian culture: to preserve and develop Ukrainian culture in Canada.
- Canadian citizenship: to become fully aware to the needs of family, community and country. To strengthen the spiritual dimensions and moral values of Canadian life.
- Charitable activities: to initiate and support programs of charitable action.
Ukrainian classes at the Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral

Ukrainian classes at the Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral

Ukrainian classes for children ages six to twelve are held every Sunday 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Ukrainian Orthodox Holy Trinity Cathedral, 154 East 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

To register please contact Nadiya 604-541-7985 or [email protected]

More information at

Ukrainian Fraternal Society of Canada / Українська Взаємопоміч

The Ukrainian Fraternal Society of Canada (UFSC) is a not-for-profit fraternal benefit organization headquartered in the province of Manitoba. The membership is comprised of Canadian individuals of Ukrainian descent.

In addition to providing fraternal services and financial support for Ukrainian community projects, the Society provides life insurance policies to its members. Effective January 1, 2011, the Society assumed all of the assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenditures of the insurance business of the Ukrainian Mutual Benefit Association of St. Nicholas of Canada (UMBA).

Serving the Ukrainian Canadian Community in the field of life insurance since 1921.
Ukrainian Orthodox Camp “Kolomayka” / Український Православний Табір “Коломийка”

Український Православний Табір "Коломийка"
Табір "Елкс" у Регіональному Парку "Озеро Алдереґров"
м. Алдерґров
Амеліа Чуйко (604) 576-1746
Катерина Мискі (778) 292-0239
Електронна пошта: [email protected]

Табір "Коломийка" був заснований 8 років тому. Щороку він починається з останнього тижня липня, та й длиться два тижня. Діти, з віку 6-15, проживають в кабінках на території табору. Щодня, бабки-кухарки приготовляють домашню їжу – ніхто не залишається голодним! Крім звичайних табірних забав як спорт, ми також вчитимемо дітей української мови, історій, культури, пісень, музику, народних танців, православної віри, і фольклору. Загалом, цього року ми очікуємо приблизно 30 дітей – максимум що може проживати на території табору.

Ukrainian Orthodox Camp "Kolomayka"
Elks Camp by Aldergrove Lake Regional Park
Aldergrove, BC
Amelia Chucko (604) 576-1746
Kathy Miske (778) 292-0239
Email: [email protected]

Camp "Kolomayka" was founded some eight years ago. It usually starts on the last week of July, and lasts two weeks. The children, ages 6-15, live in cabins located on the campground. Every day, the babka-cooks prepare three homemade meals – nobody ever goes hungry! Apart from the regular summertime camp activities such as sports and crafts, we teach the kids about their Ukrainian Heritage, including Ukrainian language, history, culture, music, song, folk dance, traditions, and of course about their Orthodox Faith. Altogether, this year we are expecting around 30 kids – the most we could host at any given time.
(778) 292-0239
Ukrainian Camp "Kolomayka" - 2014: "...Де на світі я не буду, Коломийку не забуду..."
Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association / Товариство Українських Самостійників

The Ukrainian Self- Reliance League (CYC) was founded in Saskatoon in response to an urgent need to establish a strong Ukrainian identity in Canada. The role of the convention has changed from developing identity to maintaining identity. This convention will provide a forum for open discussion and interaction among all members present. The challenges facing us will be discussed in the theme "Together as One".

USRA/UOMA/TYC Branches across Canada are active service organizations and are having a lot of success. They support and contribute to their Orthodox community, to their Ukrainian community and to the community at large. Our focus, at the moment, is on these successes.

USRA/UOMA/TYC Branches and their members continue to work with all the component and affiliate member organizations in the USRL/CYC family. Their support for our member organizations results in a stronger and more vibrant CYC family.

USRA/TYC is a member organization within the Ukrainian Canadian Congress at the branch, provincial and national levels. Their members support all the UCC initiative and endeavors.
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